You are very welcome to connect with me to arrange a one to one session or to join my monthly dark night gatherings, which will begin on Sunday, 28th October 2018.

One to one sessions last up to ninety minutes or so. Beginning exactly where you are, we explore gently, slowly and respectfully, becoming present to your inner experience. Giving space for whatever emerges, we listen and feel, becoming intimate with your interior landscape and the thoughts, feelings, memories and sensations it contains. Letting the process take us where it will, we journey together until the process comes to a natural conclusion. Contact me for more details or if you would like to arrange a session. 

During the monthly group gatherings, we will share, listen and commune together. In this safe and sacred space, all that we feel and express will be honoured. Our individual experiences, thoughts, insights and wisdom will be fully acknowledged. You are welcome to come and be exactly as you are. The first monthly gathering will be on Sunday, 28th October at 6pm UK time for two hours. Contact me for more details. 

“Trusting ourselves necessitates questioning and often rejecting what we have been taught. Our relationship to spirituality or religion is likely to undergo a profound change during this time. I can no longer partake of that which does not speak to my inner experience and knowing. Any teaching that prefers positive to negative, light to dark, or the transcendent to the prosaic now feels like a violation.”

Chapter Eight, Beginning to Trust, page 132