The Dark Night of the Soul


Join my monthly dark night gatherings, which are held on Zoom and are free. Everyone is welcome; we spend time communing, sharing and supporting each other, wherever we are in our individual dark night journeys. Connect with me if you would like to be added to my mailing list. “Thank you, Fiona, for your gentle and generous guidance into the world of mystery. You have such a gift! Your presence calms me. Inspires me.”

Gathering participant


There is still relatively little understanding of the dark night journey within mainstream religious organisations, mental health services or spiritual communities. New Age spirituality typically neglects or glosses over such deep pain and suffering, and it can end up feeling as if we are in the process of spiritual breakdown because there is something drastically wrong with us. In my view, the more we share our experiences, the more normal we realise they are,. After my online book launch with foreword writer Jen Peer Rich, I had a message from a participant saying, “You make me feel like a normal person. The best kind of normal.” Knowing how much sharing reduces shame, I will be starting a podcast series soon.