The Dark Night of the Soul

A Journey from Absence to Presence

Praise for The Dark Night of the Soul has come from other authors – including Jeff Brown – and readers alike. I have received a number of emails and messages from people , some of which I quote below. “This book is right on time. Its messages were never more necessary and urgent – transformation is possible. The time to reclaim who we are is now.” Jen Peer Rich, Foreword writer
The Dark Night of the Soul is available in paperback, e-book and audiobook editions from the outlets listed below and many others.  If you have any questions about how to obtain a copy, please contact me. Amazon UK Paperback Edition Amazon US Paperback Edition Amazon UK Kindle Edition Amazon US Kindle Edition . Kobo E-book Book Depository Paperback Edition Barnes and Noble Paperback Edition

“MUST Read for Anyone Who’s In Dark Times 

I was reading Thomas Moore’s “The Dark Nights of the Soul” when I decided to listen to this autobiographical book as an accompaniment. And I frankly got at least as much, maybe more, out of this listen than the book I was reading. Ms. Robertson’s personal account is so beautifully written and the words she used to describe her Dark Night experience deeply resonated with me. Her speaking voice is soft, warm and full of kindness which made it great to listen to during sleepless nights. This book helped me so immensely. High recommendation if you feel like your life is in a dark place right now.”

Audible reviewer

“For anyone who is going through a dark period, this is the most embodied, accurate and easy to read book I’ve read on The Dark Night of the Soul. It will meet you right in the centre of your actual experience of darkness and hold you like a wise and dear friend. This is so badly needed on the planet right now. “

Candace Kirby

“A grounded, depthful and beautifully hearticulated description of the dark night of the soul journey. The perfect book for anyone who is truly ready to confront and transform their shadow into the light at its source. Highly recommended!”

Jeff Brown, author of An Uncommon Bond and Grounded Spirituality

The Dark Night of the Soul portrays the hero’s journey from the darkness of psychological desolation into the light of wholeness and integration. Fiona Robertson provides a much-needed service; a map and a message of hope for anyone seeking a way forward in the midst of spiritual crisis.”

Angelo John Lewis, Director of the Diversity and Spirituality Network and author of Notes for a New Age

“I love your book!! It touches me like not many books have. Similar to Etty Hillesum and Eckhart Tolle when I read that years ago, almost like magic. Reading it feels like a deep recognition. I think it is great for people going through that phase of the dark night and knowing that they are not alone. I guess it is a universal experience, which I didn’t know at the time and I realise that more now when I read your book.”


“I wanted to connect for a moment to say how fantastic The Dark Night of the Soul is. I have been savoring each page as it desribes almost identical happenings in this body-mind system. Brings peace to know another has walked this journey with such exquisite bravery. Thank you for sharing your amazing written gifts. You write with such clarity and candor; in a way that serves and supports and makes sense of what can be an arduous and confusing journey. Blessings to you, may this book touch the hearts of many.”


“I’m still reading your book – ever so slowly because I want to savour it and taste every word which rings so true for me. It is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. I feel the presence from which the words have sprung forth. It’s so clear and it’s truly a gift to read. Your words describe my own dark night of the soul even though my crash happened 14 years ago. Some times your writing makes me laugh because your experiences are so familiar to me. You really have a gift for putting words to experiences that are incredibly difficult to grasp when they’re happening, so it’s a very valuable book.”

Annette Birkmann, author and speaker.