Welcome. If you are going through or have been touched by the dark night of the soul, or spiritual emergency, you may find sustenance here.

The dark night of the soul is the underbelly of awakening, an aspect of deep inner transformation that is often minimised, denied or misunderstood. When the dark night comes calling, our lives are turned upside down as we descend into the depths of our being.  It is a cry from the soul, a yearning to return to our real selves.

My dark night began in 2007. Before it started, I had a vague sense that the persona I had become was not who I really was. As I descended, I longed to connect with others who knew this landscape. I wanted to know I was not alone or going mad. I looked for friends or companions who could walk with me at least part of the way.  In The Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence, I act as guide and companion, a soul friend or anam cara who knows the terrain. By weaving my own story together with those of others who have spent time in the underworld, I hope to give succour to all those who find themselves in this place. If that is you, know that you are not alone; we have also experienced the anguish, ecstasy, confusion and clarity, the visceral intensity of the dark night.

“A grounded, depthful and beautifully hearticulated description of the dark night of the soul journey. The perfect book for anyone who is truly ready to confront and transform their shadow into the light at its source. Highly recommended!”

Jeff Brown, author of An Uncommon Bond and Grounded Spirituality

The Dark Night of the Soul portrays the hero’s journey from the darkness of psychological desolation into the light of wholeness and integration. By tracing this little-explored landscape, Fiona Robertson provides a much-needed service: a map and a message of hope for anyone seeking a way forward in the midst of spiritual crisis.”

Angelo John Lewis, Director of the Diversity and Spirituality Network and author of Notes for a New Age

“This desire to withdraw from the external world is entirely natural during the dark night. We need to follow the pull downwards and inwards. In our own way, we follow the mystics and poets of all traditions who have withdrawn from society to live simple, contemplative lives-the Desert Fathers and Mothers, sadhus, hermits and Sufis, to name a few.”

Chapter Six: Being with Ourselves (and Others), page 107